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About Forever Living Products (FLP) - The Company

Forever Living Products is the world's Number 1 producer of Aloe Vera, owning its own plantations, processing and bottling plants, and a brand new facility for manufacturing nutraceuticals. It is a solid and dependable, privately owned US company, established in 1978, with a presence now in over 140 countries around the globe, and a worldwide turnover of over 2.5 billion dollars a year. FLP also owns assets worth more than a billion dollars, mostly real estate, (including Southfork Ranch of 'Dallas' fame, now a well-established Conference Center), as well as superb leisure facilities in many great locations in the US and South Africa (Forever Resorts).

FLP was the first Aloe Vera producer to have its Aloe Vera Gel approved by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) and has earned this accolade every year since. The Aloe plants are grown organically and the stabilized Aloe Vera Gel has been certified as Kosher, Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian. Many of the products based upon the Gel are also approved and this is indicated by symbols on the tubes and bottles. The products are never tested on animals.

"FLP in the UK is a recipient the coveted DSA (Direct Selling Association) Award for Innovation, primarily for investment in company infrastructure". In addition, FLP was awarded 'IIP Champion' (Investors In People)status in Nov 2010. This is only achievable by organisations that have achieved Gold recognition as an Investor In People (awarded to FLP in June 2010). The framework of the Investors In People certification ensures that all staff members of Forever are made aware of the particular role they have to play - and what they are responsible for - in following the Company culture of supporting Distributors to achieve their goals and dreams. Towards this end, FLP has provided comprehensive training centres country wide as well as superb online training facilities and support. By working to be an Investor In People, Forever has a clear vision of where it is going in the future and how itís going to get there; a vision which involves you!

FLP has the largest range of Aloe-based products in the world and also products from the beehive. As well as the Aloe Vera Drinking Gels and Bee Products (Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Honey) our ranges include Weight Management, Nutritional Supplements, Facial and Body Care, Cosmetics and Skin Care, Personal Care and Animal Care.

FLP uses Affiliate Marketing to the grow the business. Each distributor who joins FLP runs his/her own independent business in accordance with ethical practice specified by FLP. Every new distrbutor has the chance to continually build their customer base and to create an affiliate team to do the same. Experience shows that affiliate marketing can significantly enhance business. Morevoer, FLP is International - established and operating in more than 140 countries around the globe and of these, 14 have online Aloe stores. So each independent distributor has the opportunity to attract customers and new affiliates in these countries as well. In a given country, goods purchased by customers are shipped directly to them from the FLP Central Warehouse within that country. FLP processes the online orders and credit card payments so the independent FLP distributor does not need a credit card terminal or PayPal account. The FLP distributor receives eMail notification when each order is placed and then the distributor nominated bank account is credited with accumulated retail profits on sales every 10 days. In the UK, goods can be shipped anywhere across mainland UK.

FLP provides comprehensive on-going training and support facilities for new distributors both terrestrially and online. This includes product training, how to build a customer base and how to build and maintain a viable affiliate team. Online aloe stores with drop shipping coupled with Affiliate Marketing methods provides a powerful mechanism to create sustainable income. The international dimension - creating affiliate teams in many countries may provide a finacial platform which can minimise the impact local economic fluctuations.

To join 'FOREVER LIVING' in any one of the countries that has both OnLine-Registration and full Online-Drop-Shipping of aloe vera based products in health and nutrition, please click here: Contact Jane to Join Our 'Forever Living' Team


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