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'Forever Living' Global Umbrella and 21st Century African Diaspora
Aloe Barbadensis Miller
INTRODUCTION: 'Forever Living' Global Umbrella and 21st Century African Diaspora as illustrated for the Nigerian - UK scenario
In the diagram above, this specific Nigerian Diaspora results in the flow of Nigerian people from their Home country, represented by the orange arrow to the Host country, the United Kingdom. The primary drive behind this migration is a highly motivated and well educated middle class population with college degrees and an insufficient number of suitable jobs in Nigeria to meet the demand. They tend to be natural leaders and to have an entrepreneurial drive.

Forever Living Products (FLP) is an ethical global company, with Head Offices in 155 countries, which is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of those entrepreneurial men and women interested in building a solid network marketing business worldwide. FLP is a world leader in the production and sales of Aloe Vera based Natural Products for Health, Beauty, Sports and Nutrition.

FLP is widely recognized as one of the most generous of network marketing organizations worldwide. The UK company has high status in the DSA (Direct Selling Association) and in the IIP (Investors in People) which awarded FLP UK the coveted Gold Award followed by the even rarer Champions Award. Click Here: More Key Points about FLP and How to Join FLP
HOST COUNTRY: Nigerians who build a sustainable FLP business in the United Kingdom can generate an income that enables them to:
  • send funds back to Nigeria - represented by the green arrow in the diagram above.
  • take advantage of the opportunuty to grow their network by creating new FLP businesses in Nigeria.
  • return to the Home country whenever they wish with a ready made business in place.
  • contribute to the economic prosperity in both the Nigeria and the UK.
  • enrich the cultural diversity in the Host country.
  • take advantage of the Global FLP Umbrella with modern communications to build sustaianble businesses worldwide thus ensuring a recession resistant long term income able to withstand country specific economic fluctuations.
  • help peoples worldwide to live healthier and better lifestyles by using products with proven health benefits.
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