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All-Natural Aloe-based Products from Forever Living:
(aloe vera health, aloe vera beauty and aloe vera sports and fitness)

Aloe Vera (or Barbadensis Miller) is a succulent plant concealing a pure inner gel that has been used for centuries to maintain health and enhance beauty. Avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides, our patented stabilisation process ensures our aloe vera is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. Because we are not dependent on any other supplier, we can guarantee the quality of our aloe. We start with 100% inner gel, adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products.
The versatility of this product means that aloe vera can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin. Not tested on animals, the Forever collection is a testament to nature's capacity to help us look and feel our best. Our wide product range includes drinks, supplements, skincare, personal care, weight management and cosmetics. We are so confident you will love our products, that we offer a complete money-back guarantee. Click for more information on product discount structure

The New Distributor Pack that you buy to achieve Assistant Supervisor status contains a selection of the products described above.

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including products for aloe health, aloe beauty, weight management:
  Clean 9, aloe sports and fitness F.I.T. 1, F.I.T.2 & Vital 5

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Flawless by Sonya

Weight Management

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'Bee' Healthy!
To Discuss Your Particular Needs, Ring Jane On Free Phone: 0800 0029566 or Email Jane
Brief Overview of Forever Living Products Business Opportunity
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'Concept', & 'Principles' of the 'Proven' Forever Business Opportunity
by Aiden O'Hare, Head of European Operations, Forever Living Products

'Why Forever Living Products?' by Neil Lewis

Entrepreneurship with Safety Net
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If you feel a twinge of excitement when you consider the possibility of running your own business from home, I believe we have a proposition for you to consider! Having been with FLP for 17 years we have the experience and commitment to help you achieve your full potential - you just need to bring along your own personal drive and enthusiasm.

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You start by purchasing the Business Pack - which qualifies you as an Assistant Supervisor - then in future you will buy at the full 30% discount with a minimum order value of just £50.

Introduction to the Business

FLP 'Recession Income Shield'

In the current climate of economic uncertainty there is a unique company - Forever Living Products (FLP) - which consistently bucks the downward trend…watch the video to learn more.

For more information, you can email Jane Rubin or you can call free phone on:
0800 0029566 (8am-6pm)

Recession Income Shield

AloeVera Company UK offers a worldwide business opportunity that you can run from your own home office. All you need is drive and commitment . . . we have the in-depth experience to coach you to success. If your current expenses exceed your income, our proven business can make a real difference in your life.

FLP has Head Offices in 155 countries around the globe, so it is highly likely that you will have contacts in some of these. You may also know expats living in the UK who would love to build a business in their home country so they can eventually return to an assured income. More info 'Forever Living' Global Umbrella

To discover more email Jane Rubin now. You will receive a reply by return, with the Application Form and other useful files attached.

CLICK Here To: Explore Our Gobal Online Drop Ship Business Opportunity with FLP
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Inspires confidence and excellence ...

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY:   AloeVera Company UK offers a global business opportunity that you can run from your own home office. All you need is enthusiasm and commitment . . . we have the in-depth experience to coach you to success. If you are concerned about your future pension, or if your current expenses exceed your income, our proven business can really make a difference.

'Forever Living' Global Umbrella and 21st Century African Diaspora
NIGERIA is a well-established country in our International Aloevera Business. To join our Global AloeVera-Nigeria Team, click here:
GHANA International Aloevera Business is growing fast. To find out more about the Ghana Global Business opportunity, click here: Ghana Global Business. For more information on joining the team, click here: Ghana Team EAST AFRICA is a highly active and rapidly expanding region in the FLP business. The Head Office is in Nairobi, KENYA and there are now additional branch offices in Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi & Rwanda. This whole area offers great business opportunities for expats as well as the citizens in these five countries. Click here to read all about our progress in Nairobi: Kenya Global Business

If you are interested in joining our dynamic FLP global business team, please email directly.
Email: Jane Rubin

PENSION STYLE INCOME: Every busy person knows the problem: how do you squeeze in enough working hours in the day to make sufficient income to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of family and other commitments? Click here to find out how to leverage your time in order to achieve a realistic and sustainable Pension Style Income.

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