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Recession Income Shield

FLP Recession Income Shield (RIS)

In the current climate of world recession and increasing economic uncertainty, it is a very welcome prospect that there is a company which offers long term financial security, the capacity to generate a primary or secondary income tailored to your needs, flexible working times and excellent support and training. This unique global network company in natural health and nutrition is Forever Living Products. There are powerful rational reasons why FLP provides a 'recession income shield':

  • FLP is a privately owned international company with global headquarters in the USA. FLP is not listed on any stock exchange and is therefore not subject to the vagaries and greed of Wall Street.
  • FLP is built on the backs of Giants - established over 30 years ago by founder Rex Maughan, FLP has as its primary goal the improvement of the health and wealth of its millions of Distributors in more than 135 countries.
  • FLP invests in each country to establish a permanent independent country headquarters and each FLP distributor registered in their home country runs his or her own independent business. This is your business - you own it, build it, grow it and are individually supported with superb training and guidance.
  • FLP offers each distributor a global business opportunity to build their own International business. Your FLP distributorship is supported by the sale and promotion of FLP natural health, nutrition and beauty products both globally via the internet and by terrestrial marketing training techniques. Typically most distributors have friends, families and business contacts worldwide and can readily extend their business to include worldwide sales and development.

A truly global private company, FLP has been trading for over 30 years, with over 1-billion dollars invested in permanent real estate premises in over 135 countries and supported by a distributor network worldwide. FLP has an enviable track record of continuous economic growth over its whole 30 years in business. Such a successful wide international economic platform is thus well shielded from the impact of serious global economic fluctuations. This is one of the few companies which has a track record of continuous economic growth as seen from the graph below showing growth of global sales over a 30 year period. In the last year (2008) FLP sales grew by an amazing 20% - in a period when most companies around the globe were, at best, staying level and ar worst suffering losses. Traditionally network marketing does well in recessionary times - many new people are attracted to the notion of running their own home-based business when their income is reduced or they lose their job. There are very few businesses that can be launched with such a small outlay, and it is rare to have the level of support we offer newcomers as they learn the ropes and start building their own network.

If all this were not enough, there are many other benefits to becoming an FLP Distributor - to name a few:

  • You receive your bonus payment check from FLP every month like clockwork.
  • The FLP network marketing plan is both generous and soundly based.
  • You determine how much time you may work - full or part time.
  • You may will your business on - a very unusual legacy.
  • You may expand your horizons through personal development provided by network training and international travel opportunities.
There is no doubt that to join FLP as an independent distributor is not only a clear opportunity to create a 'recession protected' income, but it is also a great privilege to join the FLP global family.

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